Through the power of AI and predictive analytics, homeowners now have the tools necessary to boost their wealth through home equity optimization and appreciation.

The Problem

The biggest financial risk for homeowners are maintenance costs. There is currently no manual that would guide homeowners on how to strategically plan and save for maintenance expenses to their homes.

This means that homeowners go into each month worried about what ‘surprise’ expenses will come up that would mean choosing between a working A/C or sending their kids to school with lunch money.

For homeowners looking to sell… pretty hard to sell a home that hasn’t had any real maintenance done for years (you know who you are)... so you might THINK you’re going into the sales process with $30K in equity… but then it turns out all that maintenance you didn’t do amounts to half of that at closing.

The Time Is Now!

Most Americans cannot afford a $400 expense, so it is no surprise that 67% of homeowners are accumulating debt and paying up to 30% interest rates for renovations and/or emergency repairs. This debt is causing them to no longer be able to afford their home, so they fall behind on their credit obligations including their mortgage. That mortgage delinquency often leads to them having to sell their home to pay off their debts or worst case, they lose their home to a mortgage foreclosure.


Saivy's A.I. and predictive analytics provides a solution that creates a proactive financial planning and maintenance tool for homeowners. With a savings plan tailored to their home, homeowners will sleep better at night knowing that they no longer have to worry about how they will pay for that unexpected emergency repair, or will they have the money to replace their leaking roof or broken AC.

They will have sweet dreams knowing that they are on the right track to financial stability and boosting their generational wealth through equity and appreciation over time.


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Create a customized financial savings plan for your home and be ready for any home maintenance expense.

Saivy's proprietary technology will help predict the right savings model so that you can start putting money away in a FDIC-insured bank savings account.


Know about any home maintenance problem before they ever happen.

Saivy's proprietary AI technology will predict what maintenance and repairs you should be prepared for based on your home and location.


Save thousands of dollars by budgeting and controlling cost.

Plan, manage and track your renovation and maintenance projects with Saivy's project management tool.


Use the Saivy HomeDossier™ Intel Report to obtain all of the information you need to get to know your home inside and out.

Get armed with Saivy's proprietary database of property details, past construction permits and vital neighborhood information.


Get matched with thousands of local home professionals that can keep your home in working order.

Use Saivy's database of pre-screened home professionals that can carry out home improvement, maintenance and remodeling projects.

“I have been saving money for my home maintenance expenses, but I have been saving blindly. I have no clue how much money I should be saving for or what I should be expecting to break and when.”

– Kira S, Detroit, MI

“As a owner of multiple rental properties, I could use a financial planning tool like Saivy to help protect the value of my investments.”

– Warren S, Naples, FL


Saivy's founder is a real estate investor, property manager and broker with 15 years of experience in field asset management of private and bank owned single and multi-family housing. Through his work experience as a foreclosure property asset manager, he witnessed first-hand how good assets turn into bad assets, due to homeowners failing to plan and save money for home related expenses.

Research shows that financially, homeowners are overwhelmingly unprepared to maintain the value of their investment, with 68% of homeowners planning to use a credit card or loan to pay for their next home improvement project. These credit cards and loans are often not paid in full and add to homeowner debt, putting them at risk for paying expensive interest costs, which adds a significant expense to the overall cost of their home improvement and maintenance projects. Failing to save, along with growing debt puts the homeowner's financial health in jeopardy. Saivy is designed to help homeowners proactively save their home by avoiding debt and optimizing their home equity value.


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